Improve Physician Patient Satisfaction Scores with Free Tool

September 24th, 2015


 Boost HCAHPS scores with a Physician/Provider Self-Administered Indicator Tool

 Dissatisfied with your patient experience scores?  We’ve been using a quick, effective tool to support physician-patient/family interactions. Providers use these indicators to identify their own beneficial (or detrimental) behaviors, using a coaching approach that encourages enduring change.

The recent IOM Report “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care” recommends cultivating communication and teamwork to minimize diagnostic inaccuracy. Being perceived by a patient as a safe empathetic care provider means that we have a much better chance of truly “knowing” our patient–and therefore less likely to miss the mark in treatment.  But many healthcare professionals remain unaware of patient connection best practices.

Using our complimentary tool, paired with a conversation with an outside expert, allows each individual to identify what routine communication alterations could improve their HCAHPS scores related to the questions

  •  How often did doctors treat you with courtesy and respect?
  • How often did doctors listen carefully to you?
  • How often did doctors explain things in a way you could understand?

Implementations Steps:

Download this free tool that’s based on experience working with 175 client organizations, boards, and executive teams and a panel of healthcare administration experts.

  1. Schedule a ½ hour webinar or live conference with Ruth Hansten (your outside expert) with your medical staff, Board, and/or quality committee.
  •  The webinar explains the research behind provider/patient relationships, neurobiology, and correlation with outcomes, such as patient compliance, to help convince skeptics of the impact of bedside/eye level interactions.  (Using an outside expert to explain the science behind the tool will decrease provider eye rolling and boost compliance.)
  • Email us at or telephone us at 360.437.8060 to schedule your webinar at special fall rates.

3.  Use the tool to follow up in tracking provider scores as each physician/provider self-assesses, self-corrects, and then measures improved results.

4.  Ask us to coach providers or executives through short term or longer term coaching engagements (contact

Physician_Provider Indicator Tool 3

“Ruth in the Room” Conference Call Open Dialogue December 10th

December 2nd, 2014


Ruth’s Back in the RoomRuth at Poster Session at AONE

Wednesday December 10, 2014

 By popular request, we have scheduled the next “Ruth in the Room” conference call forWednesday December 10th 2014, at 0900 Pacific, 10AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, 1200 Noon Eastern time zone.

 Please phone 712-775-7100, Access Code 515577# to join our conversation.

During the conference call, Ruth will discuss what she has learned working with nurses nationally over the last few months and open the conversation for dialogue and questions.

If you would like Ruth to address your specific healthcare delivery questions/concerns during the session, please send them in advance to Ruth Hansten via Ruth’s Email

The program will be recorded and made available for all those who would like to listen later.

We hope you can join us!

Bring your Coffee or Lunch to our Complimentary Dialogue

Below are a few questions Ruth has fielded in the last few months.

ruth teaching 004


Making Assignments: What’s wrong with having UAPs such as MAs or NACs reporting to multiple RNs?


Reporting Procedures: Why shouldn’t the NAs give report to each other solely, sift after shift, without involving the RNs?


Nursing Leadership at the Point of Care:

Why should I be held accountable for team members’ practice? Asking someone to help just takes too much time, I should just do it all myself.


Leaders as Coaches: How can I coach a team toward more accountability and connect them with outcomes? 




July 23rd, 2019


At a meeting in Newport, RI around July, I actually entered my favorite name in the raffle to adopt a helicopter tour. One the big day of the sketching, the solver announced the woman 2-year good old son preferred three lucky winners. When i almost withstood up mainly because I promptly knew My spouse and i one of the patches locked down. Can’t state what it is exactly, but my family and two years olds… we have each other. As well as sure enough, very own name was the first one labeled.

The travel was unbelievable. Partly because Newport is often a truly fabulous area by way of land, marine, and from your air. Hundreds of sailboats, famous mansions down the cliffs, and great vistas of facilities and wineries. But It looks like one of the hottest and most fantastic parts of the main ride has been simply getting rid of. I know this might sound obvious, but the truth is rise up immediately off the ground. Read the rest of this entry »

Marriage as well as Economic Arrangement Essay Case

July 22nd, 2019

Marriage as well as Economic Arrangement Essay Case The document “Marriage as well as the Economic Contract” is a perfect example of some sort of essay at social knowledge. The Market Contract takes a variety of forms including bridewealth, bride assistance, and dowry amongst other kinds of exchange and is a good cornerstone regarding economic anthropology. Marriage is a universal happening and the Market Contract can be found cross-culturally plus amongst several groups worldwide. Womack identifies marriage in the us as the exclusive economic plan in which the terms of the contract are usually specified but rather are suggested (145). That differs dramatically with other people in which the economic underpinning to a union somewhere between a bride and groom are discussed but stipulated as well as into exercise through the place marriage. Often the Economic Plan in an organized marri Read the rest of this entry »

How the Time Finale About ‘The Bachelor’ Was The Worst But Also Extremely important

July 22nd, 2019

How the Time Finale About ‘The Bachelor’ Was The Worst But Also Extremely important

As a high school senior on his last term of high education, I have initiated to think on my emotions. Looking to come back, it seems like a very long time since I was that dumb freshman. Abruptly, I realized that the past some years have been incredibly extended and difficult. Also back then, I used to be ready to scholar and I didn’t even find out what I was executing (that portion is still the particular same). We’ve come quite far contemplating my situation, and of the all my results, one that is different is the sum of television I have watched. The exact hours I dedicated to observing numerous Television show ranging from ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘Orange is a New Black’ is huge and I usually do not regret any one of it.

Yesterday evening, the conclusion associated with ‘The Bachelor’ aired wherever viewers have got to see the mental rollercoaster within the final participants. These last two contestants met with Nick’s family in which they both expressed unique feelings. These went on their very own ‘final date’ that needed ice rollerblading and for several reason Santa claus Clause.

Though Venessa never quite known how the demonstrate worked, Computer chip Viall consider her in addition to sent Raven packing. Rather than choosing Raven, the perfect man or women, Nick decided reluctant Vanessa. Smh

We promise you will find a point to this.

From Corinne’s naps to confused dolphin, ‘The Bachelor’ continually delivered drama and also entertainment this made my favorite Mondays slightly less poor. It is times when one has about three essays to post, calculus homework to do, along with customwriting 200 sites to read that will TV can swoop in and make every little thing better even if it’s for two hours.


Doing one thing you love or perhaps having a innovative outlet is a superb way to deal with stress as well as life normally. Everyone must have a passion to help keep going. Simply by taking a from the unremitting pace associated with life for you to do something fulfilling, you can lower you pressure levels. Therefore , if her knitting, the baking, photography, and even sleeping, apply it!

Back to the particular ‘happy’ few, I give them 3 months. T-shirts

The Enormous Gut


How do we rely on “trust”? Naturally , the have confidence in I’m referring to is the gut sensing. When you’re thinking about that remarkable college along with everything regarding this seems right- the people tend to be funny plus friendly, it has all the tuition you ever wanted, as well as food in the cafeteria will be delicious, and the mascot is the favorite pet, and you have this unique feeling within your gut fore warning you that this location is right. Practically all the time I would tell you towards cannonball throughout and start getting through component papers. Nevertheless in my experience I just realized that at the same time to think about the your sensing, rather than using it on face cost. So , what is a gut feeling? How can knowing your belly feeling help you with college queries?

For juniors that are studying and are definitely looking for the particular (trust all of us, I was amongst them), I will link this kind of to college research and all in which juicy things eventually. Simply hang on- I’ve have one or two considerations to plow with first.

What is a abdomen feeling? How does it cause me to adore a school instantly?

The exact gut sensation is basically a variety of00 intuition that we can educate with experience, as well as being aware of the best way it works can be be extremely helpful. Like I primary learned how you can do other turns on swimming about four rice. At that time I just didn’t ‘turn’ as much as bomb back initial into the divider, scramble in the water for that bit, after which it cheekily sort my which were found into position. But that is normal- I merely learned one thing, and it has quite some distance to go until it finally becomes progressive, and even a bit longer until it is intuitive. Four years and in all probability a thousand transforms (and only two thousand flops) later; I will flip convert with fogged over camcorders and not turn into a wall pancake. The more I have it, the proper I believed that scaled-down voice during my gut informing me when is it best to stroke, tuck, turn, as well as kick off.

Each and every this arise though? Consistent with Carlin Botanica of Mindset Today, in which tiny style is actually a cognitive process of which condenses reasoning by taking selling point of the brain’s shortcuts. This situation can be set off by even the tiniest outside government, such as the color of the pool area floor switching near the wall structure, or the isle line modifying patterns. The mind takes external stimulus, does a rapid seek out of its memory microfilm, and choices out the top course of action or possibly reasonable litigation.

So in the context of school searches, know whether you believe like you straight away like a classes or not is usually influenced just by prior activities and memories. Always determine why you’re feeling attached or hesitant a good college, as well as answer does not have to make sense. It would simply be ‘the foods reminds me for home’ or perhaps ‘the grounds smells like the gym locker room’. Being aware of the reason you’re feeling and the choice of are brings you one part closer to figuring out your aspiration school.

Why do we trust the stomach feeling? What makes it there?

I tend to bring to mind the digestive tract feeling because rubber added wheels to a automotive. It’s not necessary by itself, but without the need of it we might literally often be spending couple of hours choosing what cereal to eat early in the day. Psychologist Antoine Bechara regarding University associated with Southern California made a study utilizing mentally impaired patients who else lacked the gut emotion intuition. Without the need of intuition together with having to manually factor in all the things, the subjects got around working hours to decide somewhere between cereals.

Many of us trust the gut emotion simply because we can’t live without it, in addition to that practice we have develop into quite placed on it. Your company gut experience is there that will help you, and when you are looking at a university, its probably matching trivial elements of the teachers to your latest ambitions in the form of student that helps make the judgment process more cost-effective. Be aware of all those ambitions! Before you decide to search away or check out a school, contemplate: what am I looking for? If you prefer, write the goals along and take them with you for the college trip or whenever you browse through the institution site. It will help keep an individual on track pertaining to what you’re looking for.

Exactly what influences each of our gut becoming? Should I forget it?

Don’t overlook your abdomen! During my seek, my instinct was my best friend, despite the fact that this gets distracted sometimes. The distractions can come primarily with memory in addition to emotions. Thoughts and experiences define often the domain connected with what our gut is familiar with, and the emotional talk about influences whatever we are looking for as well as our gut’s judgment. Merely feel keen, I will place the school’s caterers services for a higher top priority than, mention, dorm companies.

There are a few other things of which affect the stomach, and this variety is most likely a great oversimplification. However for the cause of efficiency and streamlining my advice for college searches, continue a list of precisely what you’re looking for and identify the reason why you’re placed on a school . Choosing a school is no minor task, and also want every little thing at your disposal performing at your advantages. Your instincts can be both your a lot of enemy as well as best friend- so this a few information, a cookie and a terry on the head, and let it prepared the ground.

Narrowing your own List

July 22nd, 2019

Narrowing your own List

Two months ago, amongst my mates tackled the job of creating your personal college go to list. Him / her advice had been fantastic for within the which colleges you want to 1st visit, obtain you experience a task that is definitely maybe even more daunting. Right now, you have to build a list of educational facilities to which you certainly will dedicate a new (probably) good deal amount of time implementing this come. So , which has no further burst, here’s this guide to slimming your checklist!

  • Rethink your individual non-negotiables. With a little luck you’ve possessed the chance to have a look at some of the institutions you’re thinking about, and also if you have not, look up a number of schools in your neighborhood and go visit these products regardless of whether you would like to apply. It can be heading help you discuss what you desire. I 1st visited a smaller school in the nowhere and immediately had any idea I wanted a specific thing bigger and even more urban. That will helped me corner a bunch of schools I am not able to visit from my record. You shouldn’t be applying to schools of which don’t have the important you think you happen to be interested in, aren’t in the site you know you would like, or not necessarily the size you will thrive with.
  • Hunt for the things one liked. Do you find for you to loved how big the your local status school but also loved often the student-centered focus of the generous arts the school near you? Then you definitely should hunt for some more substantial liberal activite programs that will focus on undergrad education. It’s possible they were each too outlying for you, therefore you look at several schools which are closer to metropolitan areas. Maybe the vibe for one institution felt laidback while the additional was humming with task. Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Start? Ideas from my Recent School (Job) Seek

July 19th, 2019

Where to Start? Ideas from my Recent School (Job) Seek

I recently had a college lookup of mine. While the first college search (as a high university student) was initially over a decade ago, not long was fired up to research colleges and universities to find this is my next specialized adventure in the field of undergraduate tickets. So , graduating high school juniors as well as seniors (and maybe perhaps even younger students), I obtain what you going through— and it can end up being overwhelming! It’s really a big choice, after all, so this is an example of your biggest research projects while you’re in graduating high school. I’m the following to share this tips for learning about different colleges.

1 . Consider what you’re looking for— this is a substantial one!! Do you need a smaller local community of ~2, 000 undergraduates, or a lot more, like 45, 000? Do you want access to seminar-styled classrooms, or even large talk halls? Do you want to live on campus all four ages, or off-campus in an apartment/house? Do you want a more focused program in your key, or a tolerante arts learning that boosts interdisciplinary figuring out? Big urban center access? Close or dear to home? There are lots of colleges and universities, so that you can start to small that catalog by thinking about what’s essential to you for your college feel.

2 . Get started with the basics— my initial resource throughout researching colleges is their own websites, as well as specifically the main ‘About’ area. This gives me a good sense with the macro details— size of pupil body, spot, popular majors and school options, casing, sports, as well as important entree data. Just for Tufts, you will learn you will discover 5, 400 undergrads (medium-sized! ), that it is located only outside of Boston ma, MA, which is composed of the teachers of Martial arts styles & Savoir, School associated with Engineering, plus the SMFA. Read the rest of this entry »