Improve Physician Patient Satisfaction Scores with Free Tool

September 24th, 2015


 Boost HCAHPS scores with a Physician/Provider Self-Administered Indicator Tool

 Dissatisfied with your patient experience scores?  We’ve been using a quick, effective tool to support physician-patient/family interactions. Providers use these indicators to identify their own beneficial (or detrimental) behaviors, using a coaching approach that encourages enduring change.

The recent IOM Report “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care” recommends cultivating communication and teamwork to minimize diagnostic inaccuracy. Being perceived by a patient as a safe empathetic care provider means that we have a much better chance of truly “knowing” our patient–and therefore less likely to miss the mark in treatment.  But many healthcare professionals remain unaware of patient connection best practices.

Using our complimentary tool, paired with a conversation with an outside expert, allows each individual to identify what routine communication alterations could improve their HCAHPS scores related to the questions

  •  How often did doctors treat you with courtesy and respect?
  • How often did doctors listen carefully to you?
  • How often did doctors explain things in a way you could understand?

Implementations Steps:

Download this free tool that’s based on experience working with 175 client organizations, boards, and executive teams and a panel of healthcare administration experts.

  1. Schedule a ½ hour webinar or live conference with Ruth Hansten (your outside expert) with your medical staff, Board, and/or quality committee.
  •  The webinar explains the research behind provider/patient relationships, neurobiology, and correlation with outcomes, such as patient compliance, to help convince skeptics of the impact of bedside/eye level interactions.  (Using an outside expert to explain the science behind the tool will decrease provider eye rolling and boost compliance.)
  • Email us at or telephone us at 360.437.8060 to schedule your webinar at special fall rates.

3.  Use the tool to follow up in tracking provider scores as each physician/provider self-assesses, self-corrects, and then measures improved results.

4.  Ask us to coach providers or executives through short term or longer term coaching engagements (contact

Physician_Provider Indicator Tool 3

“Ruth in the Room” Conference Call Open Dialogue December 10th

December 2nd, 2014


Ruth’s Back in the RoomRuth at Poster Session at AONE

Wednesday December 10, 2014

 By popular request, we have scheduled the next “Ruth in the Room” conference call forWednesday December 10th 2014, at 0900 Pacific, 10AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, 1200 Noon Eastern time zone.

 Please phone 712-775-7100, Access Code 515577# to join our conversation.

During the conference call, Ruth will discuss what she has learned working with nurses nationally over the last few months and open the conversation for dialogue and questions.

If you would like Ruth to address your specific healthcare delivery questions/concerns during the session, please send them in advance to Ruth Hansten via Ruth’s Email

The program will be recorded and made available for all those who would like to listen later.

We hope you can join us!

Bring your Coffee or Lunch to our Complimentary Dialogue

Below are a few questions Ruth has fielded in the last few months.

ruth teaching 004


Making Assignments: What’s wrong with having UAPs such as MAs or NACs reporting to multiple RNs?


Reporting Procedures: Why shouldn’t the NAs give report to each other solely, sift after shift, without involving the RNs?


Nursing Leadership at the Point of Care:

Why should I be held accountable for team members’ practice? Asking someone to help just takes too much time, I should just do it all myself.


Leaders as Coaches: How can I coach a team toward more accountability and connect them with outcomes? 



Dos and Don’ts of purchasing Bridal Jewelry

November 16th, 2019

Dos and Don’ts of purchasing Bridal Jewelry


Hi ladies, the proper sorts of jewelry could make or break any ensemble so when you may be discussing bridal jewelry, then it becomes much more crucial to place large amount of work and head into what you should be using? In today’s post, let’s learn about some 2 and don’ts of getting jewellery that is bridal. So that, you are stress free regarding the time of one’s wedding and will look your absolutely breathtakingly best.

Begin early

You don’t want to be a bride that is frantic to combine and match 2 days ahead of your wedding. Begin shopping for your things that are bridal minimum 3-4 months before your date for your wedding. You ought to have all of your outfit and jewellery ready per month before your wedding. That way you will worry less and you may do have more time and energy to arrange other items around you.

Look for your bridal lehengas first

In the event that you will choose the jewellery flirt profile examples first then it is only a little hard to base your lehenga all over jewelry pieces. Read the rest of this entry »

We have Be Selective in picking out a Intercourse Swing

November 16th, 2019

We have Be Selective in picking out a Intercourse Swing

Parrot and I also are becoming huge sex move fans since we got one this past year. It hangs from an individual heavy-duty springtime that attaches to a steel brace from where a group of webbed straps hang. Making love while being suspended in mid-air makes a complete large amount of roles easier. It offers both lovers better access. So far as sexual climaxes get, the simplest way I’m able to explain it really is that personally i think like my own body can become Jell-O. For Parrot, he says, “It is like the top of my mind is blowing off.”

But we would have found one that was even nicer than the one we got if we had put a little more diligence in our sex swing selection. Fortunate me and offered to send us their Dual Hook Sex Swing to use and write about for us, Scott Alexander from Screamer Sex Swings pointed that out to.

Presently there is not such a thing wrong with or unsafe about our intercourse move.

You simply don’t know very well what to consider in one thing you might not understand a complete lot about. Think about sex swings being like an item of furniture. Usually the one we’ve is similar to a living area seat from Ikea. The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing is much more such as a Thomasville leather armchair that is oversized. Read the rest of this entry »

we we Blog Charity Commission – speaks in regards to the automated disqualification guidelines

November 16th, 2019

we we Blog Charity Commission – speaks in regards to the automated disqualification guidelines

Nick Mott (Deputy Head of Guidance & Practice) speaks concerning the automated disqualification guidelines getting into force in the 1 August 2018, and just how it is possible to prepare.

Just about anyone can run a charity, but limitations suggest some individuals are immediately avoided (disqualified) from having the ability to repeat this unless they will have clearance through the Charity Commission.

These limitations are now being put into, as well as will affect a wider selection of individuals. Any office for Civil Society (OCS) published details regarding the modifications into the legislation and also the timetable in the 17 2018, so that charities and individuals have at least 6 months to prepare for their introduction on 1 August 2018 january.

Composing this now into the cold temperatures, the changes due during summer appear a good way off but both OCS therefore the Commission would you like to allow the required time for folks who is going to be impacted to organize.

My web log supplies a fast trip regarding the modifications and whatever they suggest for charities and people whom operate them. If you want more information that is detailed read our assistance with GOV.UK:

Therefore, who has to find out about this? Well, all charities do because they’ll hot brides review need certainly to update their recruitment and post visit practices to mirror these modifications.

It is also essential that folks whom operate charities realize about the noticeable modifications: it is important to make sure the limitations don’t connect with you. Read the rest of this entry »

Had been you in a hurry to reduce your virginity or did you wait for right individual?

November 16th, 2019

Had been you in a hurry to reduce your virginity or did you wait for right individual?

Stu: ‘I don’t forget that at the right time there have been tales of girls who’d been carrying it out with older lads plus they was much more of the rush then some of the men.’

Mark: ‘I waited for the right girl it whenever possible with some body we enjoyed, and that had been vital that you me personally, I happened to be pretty quickly to get rid of my virginity but that wasn’t my concern. because i desired become as comfortable and enjoy’

Stuart: ‘I happened to be attempting to wait for right individual, like somebody I became in a relationship with and looked after. The person is believed by me i destroyed it with fitted that description.’

Matt: ‘A little of both. Being truly a man that is young of bravado I happened to be hopeless to see intercourse the very first time, both away from interest and also as a bragging right. Since it worked out, more by fortune than judgement, it absolutely was additionally because of the right individual who we remained with for a long time afterwards.’

Do you would imagine a guy’s virginity can be big a deal as a girl’s? How come you imagine this?

Stu: Read the rest of this entry »

How Come Sex Addicts Do Whatever They Do?

November 15th, 2019

How Come Sex Addicts Do Whatever They Do?

Usually, as ladies function with their betrayal upheaval, they ask, “how come intercourse addicts do whatever they do?”

Anne, creator of Betrayal Trauma healing, covers this concern with Coach Laura, Certified Betrayal Trauma professional at Betrayal Trauma healing.

Whenever females ask this relevant concern, Coach Laura digs only a little much much much deeper to locate down what they’re actually looking for.

“What I find would be that they are often suffering fear, sadness, and overwhelm around this is of the husband’s behavior, the truth of the relationship, and feelings of self-worth.” -Coach Laura

Coach Laura has discovered that when ladies are asking why, you can find three reasons they would like to understand and therefore there are underlying concerns behind those reasons.

3 Reasons Females need to know Why Sex Addicts Do whatever they Do (plus the relevant concerns they really would like the responses to)

  • This is of the husband’s behavior.
    • Can an individual actually be dependent on intercourse?
    • Why my hubby, why this addiction?
    • Isn’t this just a justification for his or her bad behavior?
  • The truth of the relationship.
    • Ended up being some of it genuine?
    • Does I be loved by him?
    • Can there be any hope?
  • Why they aren’t adequate with regards to their husband.
    • Is it my fault?
    • So what performs this state about me personally?
    • Are not I enough?
    • Can We correct it?

What Makes Sex Addicts Abusive?

Coach Laura says that this specific addiction causes spouses to ask, “Why this? Why intercourse addiction?” as it seems therefore individual. These concerns originate from an accepted host to discomfort.

Mentor Laura continues, “And it is entirely understandable, must be long-standing intercourse addiction often stops in punishment and neglect of this spouse in its different kinds.”

The many forms of punishment inflicted because of the addict Read the rest of this entry »