Book Report on Emotional Intelligence

                                                   PRIMAL LEADERSHIP


                Authors : Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee

I was compelled by the title of the book.  It aroused my curiosity about emotional intelligence. The book talks about resonant & dissonant leaders.  It discusses how they transmit their own emotional messages at times of crisis.  Oftentimes the book mentions how leaders feel that they are not getting the truth from staff.  There exists a sense that staff are hiding information or camouflaging key facts that keep them second guessing.  The book emphasizes that building an emotionally intelligent organization is a big factor for success. The book says “It is the team leaders who has the power to establish norms, maximizing harmony & collaboration to ensure that the team benefits from the best talents of each member. A leader accomplishes that by moving the group toward a higher emotional tone, using positive images, optimistic interpretations, & resonance-building norms & leadership styles, particularly visionary, democratic, affiliative, & coaching styles.”

RROHC principles are the reality of  emotional intelligence. Although nurses are loaded with scientific knowledge, they are nothing without emotional intelligence.  RROHC principles are an aspect to organizational resonance, energizing leaders transforming the workplace by touching others with their hearts & souls.


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