Engaging Level 1 and Level 2 Participation

During the coaching call for September 29th, 2008, the following suggestions were fielded related to how to make sure RROHC level 1 and level 2 participants were successful. (Please open the attachment to see the list.) Engaging Level 1 and Level 2 Participation.doc

Additional Input from our Level 2 call on October 20, 2008

Bev Lyon from Norwalk Ct discussed the following points:

1)  Engage managers in the Level 1 process: they should be involved in level 1 with a few staff so that they understand the concepts fully

2)  For both levels, meet on a regularly scheduled basis; have LUNCH served at the meetings so that folks are able to get away plus have personal needs met

3) be sure there are enough solid facilitators for each level 1 cohort.  Norwalk has groups of 3 or more staff with a facilitator working with them

4) Managers need to understand the amount of reading that is required for level 1 participation and allow staff to complete that reading.

2 Responses to “Engaging Level 1 and Level 2 Participation”

  1. amyC Says:

    I want to second how important it is to have both the managers and key members of the staff, from all shifts, involved in the process early on. Without being involved, it is hard to get a real sense of the program and the need for implementation. It is impossible to explain to someone the program and for them to have the deep understanding that you do after going through the program.
    It is also key to have the off shift folks involved to get support. On days, there are a lot of people around to support and coach ( and hold people accountable), but on the off shift, they often feel left out and misunderstood. There is no better way to engage them that to have one of their peers who truly understands their issues help them work through making the program work for them.

  2. corsdon Says:

    To engage people especially in the Level 1 process I feel they need an introduction to what the program is all about prior to getting started. Once started I feel that having a consistent leader (Level 2) with the group through their journey would offer them continuity and support. The leader should guide, assist the participants in setting up study/reading times and work together on the questions. Through working together on the questions and discussing the tools that they each complete this offers great dialogue for exploring the RROHC concept. It gives the participants time to share, reflect, offer feedback and I feel grow as individuals and as well a team. Donna C.

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