Facilitator & Educator Intensive Retreat May 4-6th 2010

What a great retreat at the Inn at Port Ludlow! We enjoyed the input from participants from 3 organizations.  Our beer/wine/pizza nursing salon was led by guest speaker Suzi Waddill-Goad as she discussed leadership advice and her stories from the field.  Our neighbor at Jefferson Healthcare, Terri Camp, CNO, also joined us for our dinner meeting on Tuesday at the Pintail House on the bay.  This creative group assembled innovative exercises to teach RROHC principles.

The words and phrases that would describe the 3 days:

  • we use RROHC to “emerge triumphant”!
  • Using the 4 Ps (especially Purpose) means that we are making a commitment to success for the patient
  • we are “taking up the torch” to the rest of the interdiscipinary team so that we can be “powerful advocates” and be ‘strong and ready” to navigate our patients through the system and restore our organizations to places of healing.

We appreciate the passion and the energy that these RROHC students carry with them, back to their hospitals!

Ruth and Kimberly facilitator group may 2010

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