Foundations Workshop Evaluations

The following are excerpts from RROHC or related workshop evaluations across the U.S. 

This is the only workshop I have ever attended that kept my interest the entire day!” 

“I needed an overhaul in practicing my leadership skills- This was a great transition into the next phase of any clinical practice” 

“Clear and funny, on the mark.” 

“This info today will be very helpful in my career. I can’t wait to share with the staff the 4 P’s and taking the time initially to meet and visit with patients to improve patient satisfaction.” 

“Absolutely fabulous!” 

“This information will help me with the next step of implementing and sustaining goals which ore attainable with the right tools.  I know that relationship based care has the best outcomes but this workshop allows me a way to articulate the importance of caregivers with evidence based approach.  I liked the description of Emotional Intelligence.  Good group interaction.” 

“Great techniques!” 

“All nursing schools should have this implemented within their programs.  It has really helped me to have a clearer picture of the importance of relationships with patients and other healthcare professionals.” 

“Great presentation” 

“This is one of the best seminars I have gone to.  Thanks for inviting me. I definitely recommend this to others. Keep up the good work!!” 

“I found the film clips an effective tool to keep my attention, you are a dynamic speaker” 

“Can everyone involved in patient care attend this service? I really didn’t know what this would be about today and I am so glad I came!” 

“I will be able to use many of the techniques we used today.  I am encouraged that other nurses have similar problems and many of the solutions are in our reach.  I am excited to use some of the techniques soon.” 

“This was so loaded.  I wish we would have had a week!” 

“Incorporated and utilized coaching, 4 P’s and feedback to educate and instill critical thinking skills to the staff.” 

“Excellent, excellent presenter- loved her suggestions and strategies!!” 

“Interesting and fun speaker- I liked all the extra “props,” videos, candy, etc. she used.” 



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