More RROHCing in Washington!

RROHC FoundationsWe have just experienced an incredible week of RROHCing in WA state! Sixty participants from seven organizations were registered for the RN2: Foundations in RROHC conference at the Inn at Gig Harbor. Here are some photos!

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Already we have received emails from participants who describe what the Foundations workshop implementation has done for their practice!

“I believe these practices will assist me in my personal life (and not just career practice).  I believe that I will be a more effective nurse if I follow the 4 Ps framework, but I also believe I will be even better if adopt all 10 practices.  I am certain I will be a better leader and be able to work more effectively with peers and CNAs.”

Then we welcomed 21 participants for the Level 2 Facilitator Intensive Session at Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union WA.  Participants from Connecticut, Oregon, Michigan (2 hospitals), and Washington, attended.  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Philip Hansten (Using Humor in Presentations) and also Dr. Mark Sollek (Engaging Physicians and the Interdisciplinary Team.)  Karen Haase-Herrick, the Executive Director of NWONE and past president of AONE welcomed the group with an inspiring dinner presentation, leaving many of us in tears as she shared her poignant story of how a nurse asking her mother about the family’s goals helped provide for the best possible hospice treatment when her father was dying.  WOW! What a great group! Just as we have certified some of the first Facilitators, we are now welcoming new members to the RROHC learning community.

A few comments:

“I found this to be a wonderful experience which has regenerated me….” “Solidified my understanding and role and strengthened my commitment to change practice in my organization!  Ready to RROHC!”  “Wow! How do you improve on this?” 

Another comment reached us by email related to the one day Foundations Conference:

“Dear Kimberly and Ruth, 
I just wanted to say again how much the day meant to me.  I have been asked to stretch myself more in the past 1 3/4 years than ever before in my nursing career, and I have had many very lonely, exhausting, emotionally draining days.  I have also experienced a few very bright, encouraging and motivating days, and certainly today was one of them.  It reminded me again why I do what I do, and why I work so hard to try to do it well.  It also motivated me with some new tools to go out and try to bring a piece of what you were sharing back to my community.  That was very energizing and fueled the fire to go out and keep trying to be the kind of nurse leader that I want to be.   
 When I called my unit on the drive home, I actually ended up having a “difficult” conversation with a nurse that I had not anticipated or intended to happen.  She wanted to give me feedback that, on most other days, would have upset me because the message was her expressing disappointment in me over the way I had handled a certain people situation on the unit.   I took a deep breath and reminded myself that the outcome I wanted was for this nurse to know that I was approachable, wanted to hear her message, and wanted her to go away from our conversation feeling she was heard and empowered to be a strong  nurse whose leadership was important to me and to the team.  When we ended the conversation I was surprisingly “okay” with having heard some negatives from her because I knew she needed to say it, and I knew I needed to listen and accept her perspective in order for our relationship to remain unhindered. 

 Ruth’s message of creating healing moments is critical to the young and the old of our profession.  We all need to think about why we do what we do a bit more often.  Thanks for the day.  The two of you seem to make a great team with a great message.” A Workshop Participant

 Thanks so much for your comments! We appreciate hearing the postive impact of what we do! Ruth

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  1. TraceyLoudon Says:

    Hi Ruth, Kimberly and Level 2 Facilitator group from October, 2006.
    I have started giving RROHC in-services on the stepdown unit at our hospital. I developed a tool that I think is fun to help illustrate the concept of why sitting with our patients and asking them what they want is so important. I wanted to share this tool with the learning community because of the aha-s that I received from the staff after the exercise. I call the exercise; How do you want your burger?

    Across the left hand side of the paper, I had the nurses write their names. Across the top of the paper, I listed all the items that I could imagine people wanting on a hamburger from bun to mushrooms, bacon, etc. I had them make their selections and them pass the menu back to me. We went over as a group how many people wanted this and that. Then I paused and said, well, you know I am really busy, and I don’t have time to make these all this way. So, I am just going to make them the way that I routinely them. The way I am used to making them is with ketchup, bun, and burger. It is just easier, and that is what I am used to. Is that okay? They all looked at me like I was nuts! What do you mean we can’t have the burgers the way we want them? Then the all started to get it. One nurse said, “You are trying to make us feel bad aren’t you?” I said that was not my intention. What my intention was to demonstrate that service is individualized, and that my burger joint would not last a week with the attitude that I had. It was fun and I think was able to help the staff see that the relationship between service and results. Let me know if you try it and how it went! Tracey

  2. Ruth Says:

    Wow Tracey! Great idea! I remember the old Burger King “have it YOUR way!” marketing campaign; so much more important when these are decisions affecting health…recovery…treatment….pain relief….!
    Would love to hear what others find out when they try this exercise!

  3. Debbie Bailey Says:

    Hi Ruth, Kimberly and all those new friends from Washington, Michigan, Oregan and of course my Connecticut Pals,

    We have been meetings as a group and also with our VP of nursing over the past month. We will be introducing the concepts to our leadership RNs, managers and educators next week. Our group has utilized the concepts in their own practice since we returned but now it is time to share your great concepts with everyone else. This first meeting will introduce concepts but we will not move it full force until Feb. 2007 after shared governance is implemented. We agreed that RROHC concepts need to be a priority but one thing at a time. So we will practice on our own units and then move full force in Feb 2007. Be ready for more people attending your conferences because we are believers from Connecticut.
    Just so you know everyone wants to know what you did with us when we were in Washington…….we came back as a united team, excited and ready to make changes.
    PS: the contract was passed.

  4. nursekim Says:

    Well, I came back with so much information and energy that I wasn’t sure where to start and what with. I know we are meeting with our CNO on Wednesday to debrief and plan for what we want to do next. I hope to have a better idea of what’s next for our hospital after Wednesday. I have started a few weeks ago a quick start of shift “safety huddle” on my unit just for the staff coming on to shift with me. It seems to be going good. We keep it short, highlighting safety issues, problems to keep an eye out for, groups that might be “heavy care” and need a little more help etc… I am in the process of receiving feedback from my staff about how they like it and what could be different. If all goes well, I hope to incorporate it at the beginning of each shift change. The feedback so far has been positive. People comment that they really like being aware of all the patients on the unit, not just “their group” and that in turn helps them to do a better job in giving “great care!” as someone wrote in their comments. It’s awesome to hear that!! Otherwise, things are going well and 3 west is RROHCing on!!! Kim Ragsdale

  5. Ruth Says:

    YIPPEE!! We are so glad to hear all you are doing! I am back from our 20th anniversary trip (Dr. Phil of course getting great photos…) and I will be working with the Beaumont crew after Thanksgiving. Kimberly and I are so thankful to be associated with these brilliant minds and dedicated hearts. You inspire us! Ruth

  6. Robin Says:

    Hi all! It’s Robin from Harrison Medical center! Boy, what a great time we had! Although I am excited about the advancements we are making at Harrison, I wish I could keep you all with me! You all have been such a wonderful team of support and friendship for me. The good news is my husband is still safe and will be home in March! Hooray!

    Ok, now down to business. We are presenting the one day workshop Jan. 12th. This will be the first time for us but with our fearless leader Sharon, I am sure we will be ok. However we will NOT be taping it Ruth! Hehe. Maybe the next one. Our goal is to have every employee attend the workshop and will be providing the workshop throughout the year.

    It is an exciting time but a very busy time. It is a comfort to know that what we are going through ie. RROHC, Shared Governance, Magnet Status etc. is nothing new. It sounds like we are all in a state of change and improvement. I know that with eachothers support we can do this! Just think how great we are going to be! Robin

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