New Level 1 RROHC Specialist Program Starts January 22, 2007

Join us for the next Level 1 Specialist 16 week program that is knocking the socks off participants!┬áIt’s an instructor guided self-study with frequent group and peer coaching. You will also be able to share experiences with healthcare providers across the country! Email us with questions…Ruth and Kimberly

2 Responses to “New Level 1 RROHC Specialist Program Starts January 22, 2007”

  1. diane difiore Says:

    Attending the RROHC training and getting an overview was a great foundation. Now, as we implement the training into our system, I have become heavily involved in the in-service preparation and see a deeper level of understanding and appreciation for the concepts of RROHC.

    We begin our training tomorrow at 0100. I am looking forward to staff’s reception to this program.

    Diane DiFiore, RN
    Oakwood Healthcare System

  2. Ruth Says:

    The second Level 1 Specialist cohort began June 11th, 2007; our next group will begin again in January of 2008.

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