Novice RN’s Accolades (RROHC program Level 1 Specialist Class)

We are proud to share Katie Miller’s assessment of her specialist class (level 1 Specialist) at the end of her test:

My goals were lofty when beginning my RROHC journey. I was just out of my orientation as a graduate nurse when my manager approached me with the opportunity. Being very involved in the unit from the start I was already a preceptor and chair of one of the unit councils so it seemed like another notch to put in my belt. But the experience ended up surpassing my expectations as I revisited the RROHC program throughout my experiences as a nurse the last two years. I have been able to apply it to both a general floor and the ICU setting and it has certainly surpassed my initial goal and become a tool I have turned to in times of need.


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