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Do other Hospitals have a bedside shift report template that they all use throughout their house? If you have a template and/or “words of wisdom”, please respond to this blog or email

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  1. Ruth Says:

    Oakwood uses a report tool that we update via computer. The info stays on the tool until it is updated. When the patient is transferred to another unit within the hospital, the information remains on the tool so pertinent historical events are not lost. Nursing assistants have their own tool which pulls the pertinent information for their use from the nursing tool.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I’ve asked my Director of Med/Surg to respond to this, as we do walking rounds.

    Linda Pullins, RN, MS Vice President Patient Care Marion General Hospital

  3. Ruth Says:

    The above comments are actually from Linda Pullins and Diane DiFiore, as we posted comments they sent to us.
    Thanks everyone! Ruth

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