RROHC Faculty Kimberly McNally Honored at NWONE Spring Meeting

Kimberly, her mother, and sisterinlaw at the awards banquetKimberly McNally, our own RROHC faculty, was awarded the Northwest Organization of Nurse Executives’ Authentic Leadership Award at the March 25th Spring Medley Banquet.  What  fun to hear from Kimberly’s colleagues about how much she is appreciated as a leader and a coach! 

“Through her clinical nursing, educator, and executive coaching career, Kimberly McNally has opened a new world of professional and personal growth to those she has led.  Considered a national expert in her work, Kimberly collaborate in developing the Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare care delivery model, specifically focusing on how coaching processes can help care providers and leaders develop professional practice effectively.  Her field research has shown evidence that professional development and coaching has encouraged fledgling and seasoned leaders to stay the course in their managerial positions.


Kimberly has let no perceived barrier stand in her way and has served on community governing boards and was most recently the chair of the board of trustees at Harborview Medical Center.  Kimberly was instrumental in developing competencies for hospital trustees nationally, and has served on the boards of WSHA and has advised AHA. 

Her intrepid example and gentle mentoring has led nurses to influence the public welfare through service in governance boards.


Always maintaining a sense of humor and calm curiosity when challenges emerge, Kimberly teaches resilience and emotional intelligence skills through her skills training as well as by example.  Rich life experiences,  coaching, and her educational background has been the seed for her work, facilitating better nursing models and clinical outcomes, as well as staff and patient satisfaction throughout the nation. Her national speaking engagements have energized and revitalized staff and leaders by the thousands. 


‘Inquires actively, seeking to hear, respect and understand the opinions and views of others’ evidenced by Kimberly’s way of stating “I liked the way you said…..” making the person on the other end of the conversation feel like they have something to say that adds value to the conversation. She always follows on that statement with a thoughtful question, often that are hard to answer, but add powerful depth of content to the conversation.   Her gift of her vibrant and thoughtful presence draws people to follow her exemplary leadership and absorb her knowledge and wisdom.


Kimberly has been a leader in the UW School of Nursing International nursing program to promote international health, understanding, and peace, placing graduate students in other countries. She has volunteered her time to facilitate NWONE strategic planning and other workshops in healthcare, as well as in the world of arts and public safety and service.  Kimberly can be counted on to contribute her best, and that “best” surpasses expectations.


As a life-long learner and student, Kimberly has published scholarly articles related to improving the climate of organizations, developing leadership and retention of managers and executives through promoting coaching skills.  Kimberly is a contributing author in “The Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare Planning and Implementation Manual” (Hansten Healthcare, lulu.com, 2009) and is currently completing publication of a book on coaching in nursing.
Kimberly is authentic, creative, inspiring, fun, and intelligent, committed to ethical leadership and creating a better future for our nation’s health.  What better leader to follow?”

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