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Forget for a minute about the HCAHPS Value Based Purchasing scores and reimbursement rates based on your patients’ experiences. Let go of that drive to strive to script and say matching phrases to the patient’s questionnaire.

Let’s take 10 seconds (yes, just 10 seconds in your busy day!) to reflect on the sacred gift we are offered as nurses and healthcare professionals. That gift: To be able to choose to stop, listen, and be present with our patients.

Your gift of presence, in the patients’ eyes, echoes your belief that he is worthy of your undivided attention, he is worthy to be healed and transformed. He sees the mirror image of himself in your eyes, your caring, your love…all reflected back to you.

If all RNs were able to learn to be present…to connect…to hear the patient clearly, surely we would experience better patient outcomes and happier nurses! This, the most important step of the RROHC 10 best practices, is also taught in our Professional Practice Specialist videos.


Exemplary professional practice at point of care operations will allow us to help navigate our patients and families to their preferred results. In our survey results from the last month (n=20) we can see a gap from our desired measurements of 1.0 (“I’m certain this occurs 90-100% of the time”) to 3 (a 50-50 chance). We recommend that each leader go online and compare their answers to this 2-minute quick survey to help crystallize your priorities for 2013.

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Ruth Hansten recent presented a managerial education webinar on Making Teamwork Work in Nursing.

The goal of this program is to educate nurse managers about how to optimize success by building a team through leadership and managerial skills. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key indicators that measure successful teamwork in a healthcare setting
  • List the four “P”s necessary for optimal teamwork: Purpose, Picture, Plan and Part
  • Describe the steps a leader can take to form a cohesive team

For a limited time, you can view this 1-hour CE Credit Webinar for free at: http://ce.nurse.com/web160.


The new, enhanced online Relationship and Results Oriented Health Care (RROHC) Professional Practice Specialists Certification Course opened for business in January through The Hansten Learning Center, which offers video training, live support and a variety of other resources and tools.

Here are some comments from our last group of RROHC Professional Practice Specialist program participants:

I really enjoyed identifying a subject that I was passionate about for my project. It was very inspiring and motivating to work on.

Summarized our organizational goals and is helping us on our Magnet journey. I live the delegation piece as this is important and needs more focus.

This program reinforced that I can operate from a positive and keep striving to do better.

I feel as though it validated my feelings about nursing in general and provided me real world tools being more aware about how relationships at every level affect outcomes.

Very much appreciated going to the source articles discussed in calls. Allowed me to go deeper into issues being discussed and think about how they might apply to my unit.

It gave me a standardized and systematic method of communication to share with charge nurses throughout our department.


Ruth is busy offering workshops all over the nation related to Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare (RROHC) and also the finer points of RN delegation and supervision. We have fielded requests from our clients and the public related to short, interactive delegation/supervision educational formats online, and we are completing our work on these soon. More to follow!


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