Level 2 Intensive Session and Master Coach Sessions Planned

Hello all, we have completed plans for the June 5-7th 2007 Level 2 Facilitator Intensive Session at the Inn at Port Ludlow in WA state.  It is a gorgeous setting, as you can see by going to the brochure on our website.  Also we are planning our Master Coach Intensive Session for the Inn at Loreto Bay, Loreto Mexico. Those of you who plan to attend and do not have current passports should get started on that process.  Fly in on Sunday October 28th and fly out on Thursday November 1st.  It will be stunningly beautiful and there will be ample opportunities for team building. Kimberly and I are setting up our RROHC Executive Advisory Board at that session also.  Our brochure will soon be available on the website.

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