The Master Coach Invitational October 8-11th in Tucson



Master Coach Group (click to enlarge)We have just returned from sunny Tucson and the RROHC Master Coach invitational.  What a great group of leaders!  Participants came from Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, and Washington to enjoy the lovely atmosphere of suguaro cactus forests, mountains, and pools with good food and interesting companions.  Master coach participants practiced new coaching skills, learned more about themselves from their 360 results, and evaluated their organizations’ RROHC progress.  Each individual created action steps for the next months until we update each other in December.  Kimberly and I enjoyed being with you all and we are always amazed by the brilliance that emerges from these groups!  Thank you for participating! Ruth

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  1. sabrina Says:

    Tucson was great. I felt so priviliged to be there, amongst a great group of leaders at the Master Coach level .I have learned so much and I know that I am a better Nurse Manager because of what you all contributed. Kimberly has taught me how to ask powerful questions . I aslo realized that powerful question can generate powerful responses. As I continue the RROHC journey I look forward to sharing with you all. Together we are RROHC -ing the lives of our patients , families and even our staff. I’s all about the relationships we form and the results we can accomplish. Thank you Ruth and Kimberly for empowering us . Sabrina Fleuriot – Nurse Manager at Norwalk Hospital

  2. Jo Says:

    Tucson in October seems so long ago. However, I was reminded of coaching skills when discussing the “focused interview” and “goal setting” with two RNs earlier today. The question posed to the 2 RNs was “how can you address the accomplishment of a patient’s goal from shift to shift without asking – did you meet your goal??” I surprised myself :>) We had a great discussion which led to a celebratory huddle on one of the medical floors.

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